Twin Towns

Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt - France

This partnership was set up on the 12th April, 1975. There are regular school exchanges, and periodic art exhibitions and exchange visits are organised in the context of the partnership. The Freundeskreis Heppenheim - Le Chesnay twinning association, which was established in 1991, is the contact point for queries about work experience, pen-friends or au-pair positions.
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Kaltern/South Tyrol - Italy

This partnership was established on the 18th September, 1971. Activities include sports exchanges, club trips and art exhibitions.
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West Bend - USA

The Heppenheim-West Bend partnership was forged on the 19th June, 2004. Exchanges in the fields of culture, education, business and other areas are at the forefront of this friendship. The partnership association can provide further information on the activities covered.
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Sponsorship with Bubenreuth of Schönbach/Eger, Czech Republic
This sponsorship has been in place since July 1956. After the forced displacement from Schönbach in World War II, many former residents of Schönbach found new homes in Bubenreuth and Heppenheim; hence the joint sponsorship. In the meantime, Heppenheim has direct contact with Schönbach.
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Contigné, Miré und Brissarthe

The Heppenheim districts of Kirschhausen, Mittershausen-Scheuerberg, Sonderbach and Wald-Erlenbach have been twinned with the French municipalities of Contigné, Miré and Brissarthe since May 1994. The Le Pont association promotes friendships between the Heppenheim districts and the French municipalities.
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