Gastronomy in Heppenheim

In Heppenheim, wine has been produced since the Roman times. The vine culture began here long before the city had its first documentary mention in the year 755. Heppenheim has got much to offer:
wine tastings, tours of the vineyards, called Weinlagenwanderung and covered wagon tours. The wine has strongly influenced the gastronomy, but the district town has, as far as gastronomy is concerned, much more to offer! In Heppenheim, there is definitely something for everyone: rustic food or gourmet dining, pizza and pasta, Indian or even African dishes. During the warm months of summer, cosy seasonal wine taverns and beer gardens, either located amidst magnificent nature or in the middle of the historic old town welcome their guests. Wherever you prefer to dine, either in the so-called Rebmuttergarten amidst the vineyards or on the idyllic market place - in Heppenheim you may always enjoy lovely views. Many restaurants prepare their dishes with best local products, coming from the Bergstraße or Odenwald region.
You would like to taste local cuisine? Here, you have the choice, because the Bergstraße as well as the Odenwald region offer a wide variety of tasty traditional dishes and above all the so-called Kochkäse – cooked cheese and Handkäse – hand cheese. Kochkäse is sour milk cheese made of quark, butter, cream, baking soda and, depending on the recipe, Handkäse. It is combined with the so-called „musik“ (chopped onions marinated in oil and vinegar) and caraway. The Kochkäse may also be combined with a Schnitzel. Don’t forget to have an Apfelwein – apple wine with it, of course made of best domestic apples! Enjoy it either straight up or mixed with sparkling water or even Coke. And, of course, there is also the tasty Heppenheim beer or delicious Bergstraße wine. The famous Bergstraße wines combine perfectly with a spring specialty, coming from an adjacent area which is called „Ried“: asparagus. The freshly picked asparagus is often served with boiled potatoes and ham. Heppenheim is famous for its bean soup! The „Bohnesupp“ is made of beans, bacon, potatoes and carrots. When the popular wine festival is officially opened, it is served as a traditional dish.
It has often been the case that restaurants are passed down from generation to generation and for this reason, in Heppenheim, you may enjoy your meal in a warm, familiar atmosphere. Feel at home here in Heppenheim!
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