Heppenheimer Mühlenrundweg – Heppenheim mill trail tour

Over centuries approximately 70 watermills and even a donkey mill could be found in Heppenheim and its districts. This high number of mills alongside rather little streams is a rather unusual. In the course of time, more than 1,600 millers worked tirelessly day by day.
The circular trail was established in 2014. At first, there were 15 stations and in 2016 it was extended by 6 stations towards Kirschhausen. Join a guided mill trail tour or discover, on your own or together with your friends, witnesses to over 800 years of mill history.
Most of the mainly grain mills were shut or torn down a long time ago. Some of them are still, preserved in parts. However, have completely changed. The Heppenheimer Mühlenrundweg reminds of the long past time of mills.
The Heppenheimer Mühlenrundweg was developed by members of the local History Society, Heppenheimer Geschichtsverein e.V. and the association Old-Town-Friends, Altstadtfreunde e.V.
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There is a brochure which can be obtained at the Tourist Information Office.