Marktstraße, Friedrichstraße and Kleiner Markt

Via the so-called Wormser Tor and the Kleiner Markt, the Markstraße connects the old town with the pedestrian zone (Friedrichstraße). The historical appearance has been largely preserved. The houses here date back to the 16th – 18th century. The Wormser Tor is not the original entrance gate – it replaced the Untere Stadttor. In the court of house Markstraße No. 8 – 10, remains of the so-called Mönchturm, a medieval tower house of the time of Lorsch Abbey. Today, small shops and cafés can be found there.
At the beginning of Friedrichstraße (in former times: Bachgass), a two-storey building with a massive ground floor can be found. This house shows how building development took place in former times. Today, Friedrichstraße is a pedestrian zone with many owner-run shops and cafés.
Already in former times, the Kleiner Markt was located outside the former city wall. Here, the merchants did not have to pay any sales fees. The Großer Markt used to be inside of the former city wall and for this reason sales fees had to be paid there. Building Kleiner Markt 5 dates back to the year 1804 and it was built as a guest house named “Zur Goldenen Rose”. In former times, it was a huge court.