Parish Church St. Peter and church place

Due to its size, the Catholic parish church St. Peter is often referred to as “Dom der Bergstraße” – “Cathedral of the Bergstrasse”, however, it has never been a bishop’s see. The house of prayer had its first documentary mention in a document dating back to 755. The church is built in neo-gothic style. It was constructed from 1900 – 1904 on the site of an earlier building. The northern tower dates back to the 12th/mid-13th century. In front of the church, an impressive crucifixion group can be seen. It was constructed in the year 1705 by a sculptor names Anton Wermerskirch from Aschaffenburg.
Since 1908, the “Marienhaus” has been owned by the Catholic Church. Today, it is used as the parish centre of St. Peter’s church, referred to as the “Cathedral of the Bergstrasse”. It includes remains of the former city wall. The framework dates back to the second half of the 18th century.
The preserved core of the building Kirchengasse 6 – 8 dates back to 1576. It was Heppenheim’s oldest school. Most likely, the framework dates back to 1712.