Kurmainzer Amtshof – Mainz Electorate Court

The building complex was most likely built after a major city fire in 1369. The oldest part of the building is the southern main building, where the famous Kurfürstensaal (Elector’s State Hall) is located. The Kurfürstensaal, which is decorated with Gothic wall frescoes, was the scene of ceremonial acts of state, such as the election of the Bishop of Chur in 1417 and the official swearing of allegiance to the Holy Roman Emperor by Dietrich von Erbach, Archbishop and Elector of Mainz and Chancellor of the Roman Holy Empire, in 1435. The liberal party, FDP, was also founded there. The main building also shows a corner chapel and there is a Gothic stair tower.
In the wine press house dating back to 1719, medieval building remains can be found. Since 1904, the building has been referred to as “wine press house” due to the fact that the Winzergenossenschaft – winegrowers’ cooperative – decisively stood up for the conservation of the building.
The so-called Eulenburg, “owls’ lodge”, dating back to the 16th century used to be the youth hostel. Today, the Museum of Local History and Folklore is also located in the Amtshof. There are also rooms for events.
Every year, in summer, the Festspiele theatre festival takes place there. As in Shakespeare’s times, guests sit on benches and at tables. There they enjoy comedic plays while having a glass of delicious Bergstrasse wine.