Cycling in the Bergstrasse region

The Bergstrasse region is a unique paradise for cyclists and therefore, mountain bikers as well as leisure cyclists love to return to Heppenheim again and again! There is a wide spreading network system of excellent cycling and hiking trails, ranging from simple flat stages through fields and meadows up to challenging mountain bike tours into the foothills of the nearby Odenwald.

Mountainbike circular route

This mountain bike circular route takes mountain bikers through magnificent forests and vineyards over a distance of approx. 23 km with a difference in altitude of about 580 m - from the old town, over Schlossberg mountain up to Krehberg mountain (approx. 600 m). The way back goes downhill. Find more information and a detailed tour description in the brochure, on the information board or here: geo-naturparks.

Cycling tours in the „Heart of the Bergstrasse Region“

Find suggestions for five interesting cycling tours in our special brochure – four for leisure cyclists and one for mountain bikers. The thematic routes start and end either in Zwingenberg or in Heppenheim and can easily be combined to circular tours alongside the Hessian Bergstrasse. Tourenportal

Explore the Bergstrasse region by bicyle

Over a distance covering more than 85 kilometres, there are two routes inviting you to discover the Bergstrasse region by bicycle and, at the same time, to enjoy the Mediterranean charm of this unforgettable scenery. The conventional bike route takes you to cities and small towns located alongside the Bergstrasse mountainsides - one after another like pearls on a string, where also a wide variety of historic sites are waiting for you. Relax in a local café or restaurant, situated at one of the historic market places and enjoy regional products, such as Bergstrasse wines or international specialties. For nature lovers, the second route is most recommendable. Enjoy romantic paths alongside fantastic scenery of the Bergstrasse mountainsides. The route is marked with the logo of the Bergstrasse. Please find further information here: