Dear visitors,

welcome to www.heppenheim.de, the online site for the district capital of Heppenheim. We have put together a range of information about the town and what it is like to live there. Local citizens and visitors will find useful information about local facilities, events and last but not least, contact details for the staff that work in our local council offices.

We are grateful to receive your thoughts and suggestions relating to content as well as feedback concerning layout issues. The Internet is also a very useful instrument for quickly providing initial impressions about the town. A visit to the site can, but should not replace it. However a stay in Heppenheim, and the ‘Bergstraße’ flair which locals and visitors to our town enjoy, conveys a lot more than just nice photos and words on a screen. I welcome you all to come and to experience the town for yourselves.

Hope to see you soon in Heppenheim!

Rainer Burelbach
Mayor of Heppenheim