Siegfriedbrunnen - Siegfried fountain

In the famous Nibelungenlied there are indications that the well (also fountain), where Siegfried was assassinated while he was drinking some water, could have been a really existing place, around the year 1200, and located somewhere here in the Bergstrasse district. It can be assumed that it was located here in Heppenheim.
In manuscript C, which was originally the oldest but more recent revised version of the Nibelungenlied, reference is even made directly to the foundation of the branch of the Lorsch monastery by Uta von Calw. The other manuscripts do not talk about the Odenwald but about hunting from Worms across the Rhine into the Wasgenwald. "Wasen" means wet meadows, so we are talking about a meadow-like forest. This reference to a "Werder" would fit the Weschnitz area between the Rhine and Odenwald in the past centuries.
The Nibelungenlied says that Siegfried's body was brought to Worms overnight and the society arrived there until early mass. The distance from all the alleged Siegfried sources at Heppenheimer Quelle fits best, so that the hunting party on horseback must have been riding slowly because of the corpse and with a good day's ride crossing the Rhine. All these points are interpreted by Walter Hansen in his book "Where Siegfried died and Kriemhild loved" in that he sees the Heppenheim Siegfried Fountain as the place "that most closely corresponds to the murder site as described by the poet in the Nibelungenlied".
The Siegfriedbrunnen can be found in the area of the intersection Mozartstraße/Tiergartenstraße.