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Ferienwohnung Schunkengasse am Markplatz


This apartment (60 m²) is located in a renovated and modernised half-timbered house in the Schunkengasse, "Heppenheims most picturesque oldtown alleyway". With ist 2 rooms, hig-quality bathroom and kitchen it offers comfort for 2-4 persons. The apartment disposes a washing-machine, dryer, HD-flatscreen with cable network and free Wifi. The traffic calmed street allows relaxing days and nights even during Events. Parking possibilities at the Kirchplatz, right in front of the "Dom der Bergstraße". A parking card will be offered by the owners for the stay.


Ferienwohnung Schunkengasse am Markplatz
Mrs. Kirsten Reibold
Schunkengasse 7
64646 Heppenheim
mail: post@ferienwohnung-schunkengasse.de
web: www.ferienwohnung-schunkengasse.de
mobile: 0049 151 15719601


from 80 € for 1-2 persons
from 90 € for 3 persons
from 100 € for 4 persons